Development of high volume Urban Farms can cost between $1.5 and $2.5 Million per acre, in addition to property acquisition. ImPact Farms has taken the approach that investor security is in the scaling and diversification of production over putting all their eggs in any one basket.

As such, the orchestration of a structure that provides for capital, members and community to work together is primary to delivering on our promise. To that end ImPact Farms has been self funded to preserve freedom of action around development of Social Enterprise principals of organization.

ImPact Farms is seeking the $100,000 Grant to fully develop branding, systems, legal and organizational structure. We are currently a Delaware C Corporation.

As a California Corporation, ImPact Farms can utilize securities exemptions to attract investment from Local and California residents allowing them to become owners of their food supply. Property, business and community stakeholders will all have the opportunity to participate.

The transparency that comes with a B Corporation designation includes reporting on delivery of community, environmental and wealth production metrics. Transparency increases trust and therefore cooperation among all stakeholders.