As In Silicon Valley California, a community is needed to support a culture of innovation and turn discoveries into usable value. ImPact Farms answer to LA's food dependence, unemployment, and health are to provide the Infrastructure, Distribution and Transparent Leadership to successfully foster the cooperation required to achieve a successful Urban Farming operation in the heart of Los Angeles.

We work with communities concerned about the value businesses are contributing to their Local economy.

We work with owners to make their property more valuable and expand exit options.

ImPact Farms is enrolling property owners and Local businesses looking to get more from their land and building and develop new business opportunities; distributing locally grown food.

Supplier and distribution preference will be given to businesses whose properties are enrolled in ImPact Farms system based on enrollment date. Together we can achieve economies of scale that can generate more value for your property and business.

Open land and large roof areas are most desirable for farming; however, attracting green businesses can also fill buildings. Be a part of leading Los Angeles to food self reliance. Coming soon, ImPact Farms offer of member and community opportunities for urban "Farm to Table" ownership.

To learn more about ImPact Farms, your consideration and participation or get contact information, please participate in our online survey: