Goodyear South Los Angeles Industrial Tract

Since before the 1920's, the Goodyear Tract in the heart of South Los Angeles has been designated an Industrial area, that comes with a 100 year history of industrial related pollution, making it a difficult and undesirable place to develop or live around, even today. Yet it is surrounded by almost 2 Million people in a six mile radius.

Recycling, food truck catering, boot-leg auto body and the Main Los Angeles US Postal Service hub constitute the majority of work in the area today, along with waste and hazardous material transfers. Even so, gentrification is closing in and the opportunity to restore this once vital economic engine as a resource to the community of Los Angeles is NOW!

ImPact Farms brings together properties to achieve economies of scale around development, technical skills, systems and ability to participate in the ImPact Distribution system.

In the 1920's the Goodyear Tract was born out of a vision of connecting Los Angeles with the rest of the world.

Does this historic area in South Los Angeles deserve any less in 2020?

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