On March 28, 2013 ImPact Farms applied for and was accepted as one of 279 organizations, 13 directly in Income & Employment, to compete for one of ten $100,000 grants to move their vision for LA2050 forward.

May 8 we received notice ImPact Farms was not selected as one of the ten finalist. Thank you all who voted for us and stay tuned for some exciting developments.

ImPact Farms
Develops underutilized property and rooftops in South LA into soilless Hydroponic/ Aquaponic Urban Farms; directly and indirectly supporting 30 jobs per acre. Supplying our nutritional requirements can retain $10 billion annually (90,000 jobs) in the Los Angeles economy.

Specific benefit LA?

Urban farming generates 30X the jobs of photovoltaic systems. Every five acres represent $4-5M in annual wages and benefits and $2.5 million for construction. Compared to soil agriculture, every acre of hydroponic farms can save over 8M gallons of water and 40T of CO2 while absorbing 90T of CO2 Locally. ImPact Farms contributes to Health as nutritious fresh produce is our best defense against chronic diseases.

Partners & Collaborators?
We are in discussion with farming, technology, distribution partners, property owners, community groups and representatives.

To Date?
ImPact Farms is a Delaware; soon California Benefit/Flexible Purpose corporation. While yet to begin operations, we have engaged and raised the passion of many stakeholders through presentations demonstrating ImPact Farm’s alignment with quality of life objectives ranging from jobs, health and environment to growing Local Economies.

As an Urban Farm network developer and operator, ImPact Farms becomes an ultra local source of high volume, high quality food. Our primary competition is culture and existing distribution systems of imported food and food products. Existing channels have higher costs to market as a result of transportation, energy and waste and are less nutritious.

Success in 2050?
Los Angeles has become food secure by 2050 from ImPact Farms bringing together the financial, technical, social responsibility and distribution leadership to create a local farm to table industry and community ownership.
You can read more Here.

The grant money would be used to organize ImPact Farms as a California "B" Certified Corporation that can secure sufficient resources to establish an Urban Farming industry; delivering on Local wealth creation, and social and environmental responsibility from within South Los Angeles.